Meet our Curvena Babe, Ash

Meet our Curvena Babe, Ash

Ashley Edwards talks about all things beauty. From makeup to fashion, DIY or even just gushing about pretty things, this content creator is always on-the-go. Alternating between Sydney and Malaysia, Ash fills up her day with writing, creating and vlogging whenever inspiration strikes.



However, putting yourself out to the world is putting yourself under a microscope. As expected, society always has something to say about our looks versus what they “think” we should look like.


Coming to Curvena, Ash isn’t giving into societal standards— it’s to improve her overall body wellness. The new 360 Curve+ Body Contouring Treatment gives her a thorough detoxification while reducing her cellulite appearances, giving her that smooth confidence-boosting silhouette.


Just like Ash, you should only move by your own standards. Curvena is here to help you reach your personal body goals.

Let’s go, girl!

How does the 360 Curve+ Body Contouring Treatment help with her goals?