Clear your lymphatic nodes

Magneto Fork Full-Body Detoxification Treatment

Experience a full-body detoxification process with magneto fork massage

Drain Away Toxin Built Up With Magneto Fork Treatment

Indulge in our rejuvenating Magneto Fork lymphatic drainage massage treatment, designed to enhance your well-being by promoting detoxification and aiding weight gain through the gentle stimulation of lymphatic circulation. Feel lighter, energized, and revitalized with each session.

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Using an ergonomic Magneto Fork handle, this treatment improves the functions of your body’s lymphatic circulatory system while promoting an active detoxification process. This is done by stimulating the flow of fluid in your lymphatic nodes to remove any toxins, waste, and harmful byproducts from your body.

Magneto fork will expel toxins from your body and unblock your lymphatic node system. Regular detox allows your body to repair itself and allow your organs to function at its best. Not only does this treatment relaxes your body, it increases overall productivity and energises your body too.

Magneto Fork treatment can

• Stimulate your lymphatic system
• Drain away excess water weight
• Clear any lymphatic blockage
• Promote active detoxification
• Combat fatigue

If you want

• To combat weight gain
• To relieve bloating
• To minimise swollen limbs
• To clear up toxin built up
• To feel energised

Are you experiencing these issues?

Low Energy

You feel fatigued throughout the day but you can’t figure out why

Water Retention

You feel frustrated that your body looks bloated from water retention even after you exercised regularly

Weight Gain

You feel overwhelmed by sudden weight gain even when you have a good diet

Low Immunity

You feel sickly by your declining health and body wellness

How Magneto Fork treatment works

Tell us your body goals

Book a session with us and talk to our body specialists about your body goals. From detoxifying your body to total relaxation, we apply our expertise & customise treatment to help you achieve your body goals efficiently.

We design a program for you

Our body specialists will take account of your current state and customise an individual holistic program to help you achieve your body goals in a realistic amount of time.

You start your journey

Your program will include consistent Magento Fork treatment sessions, healthy food suggestions, lifestyle advice, organic supplements and support for you to see visible results.

Achieve your body goals

With Magneto Fork lymphatic drainage treatment, you will begin to see your body look toner and feel more energised and as weeks pass, bringing you closer to your body goals.

The Magneto Fork Treatment Experience

We guarantee our Magento Fork full-body detoxification treatments are safe, non-invasive, use no drugs, cause no side effects, have no downtime, and produces little to no pain. Our machines are certified and our body specialists are trained to handle the body treatments with expertise. Tell us your goals, your body is safe with us.

You will lie down on our comfortable bed, and we’ll apply our Detox Essential Oil. This oil is applied throughout your body to aid in a total topical detoxification.

Next, our unique ball point machine is used to drain the lymphatic node system. This treatment reduces swelling from water weight and expels toxins from your body.

As your program goes along, you will see your body look fitter and feel more energised. The entire session will last at most 40 minutes. It’s a quick and goal-driven process.

Be Your Own Success Story

Improve your lymphatic system & boost your overall body wellness. Feel more confident, present and energised throughout the day.


What sort of machines do you use during Magneto Fork detoxification treatment?

We have a variety of machines, each is specific to treat different body concerns such as body fat, water retention, stretch marks and the need for reshaping. Rest assured that we will propose treatments customized according to your body analysis with our specialists.

Does Magneto Fork treatment hurt?

Think of it like gua sha, it is not completely painless, however, the more toxins and clogged lympth nodes you have, the more painful it could be. However, you can always speak to our body specialist in terms of pain tolerance and comfort.

Can I get a treatment during my menses?

We don't recommend for any treatment at Curvena while you are on menstruation. The usage of our machines and steambath will cause discomfort as it promotes blood circulation. It's best therefore to schedule your treatments once your menstruation has ended.

How much are your packages?

We have a variety of body treatments based on individual needs and condition and therefore the pricing differs. Our treatments are designed to help you some of these concerns:✅ Weight Maintenance / Weight Loss ✅ Body Detox ✅ Hormone Rebalancing ✅ Body Reshaping / Contouring✅ Stretch Marks Treatment ✅ Cellulite Control✅ Body Shape Maintenance✅ Lymphatic drainage. We have exclusive offers for our first time customers too.  For us to recommend the best treatment, let us arrange for a full body analysis and consultation with our experts at our outlet. Hope to hear from you soon!