CelluFirm-K Anti-Cellulite Treatment

CelluFirm-K Cellulite & Body Toning Treatment

reduce your cellulite and body fat percentage

YourBody Silhouette
withCelluFirm-K Body Toning Treatment

We help you stimulate muscle growth to reduce targeted cellulite and target fat reduction


Define Your Body Silhouette & Reduce Cellulite

3-in-1 ANTI-CELLULITE technology from South Korea

EMS FlexiFlow + Vaculift + Heatpulse

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Using a 3-in-1 anti-cellulite technology from South Korea, we combine the new EMS FlexiFlow with Vaculift and Heatpulse to reduce body cellulite appearance, support muscle growth, and break down fat cells. This results in enhanced muscle tone in thigh, stomach, waist and bum, better metabolism and smooth body skin.

The CelluFirm-K Body Toning & Cellulite Treatment Experience

This cellulite treatment consists of three parts, EMS FlexiFlow, Heatpulse and Vaculift.

As soon as you lie down on our comfortable bed, we will begin the body toning process.


smoothens out body cellulite through pairing a suction and massaging techniques.

EMS FlexiFlow

machine stimulates muscle growth for a metabolic boost.


uses controlled heat to burn stubborn fat cells and stimulate collagen production in the thigh, stomach, waist, upper arms, and other areas.

As you progress with your treatment, you will gradually notice a firmer body skin and more elegant silhouette emerge.

Safe & Non-Invasive

We guarantee our anti-cellulite treatments are safe, non-invasive, use no drugs, cause no side effects, have no downtime, and produces little to no pain. Our machines are certified and our body specialists are trained to handle the treatments with expertise. Tell us your goals, your body is safe with us.

Real people, Real concerns, Real results


Address all your body concerns with an all-in-one treatment! By using a combination of fat suction and body massaging techniques while targeting your muscle and reducing fat cells, this body treatment encourages your body to work at a more efficient pace— making it easier and faster to reach your body goals. Expect up to a 3 cm reduction in the first session!

Are you experiencing these issues?

Stubborn body fat

You feel frustrated that you can’t get rid of decade-old body fat

Low Self-Esteem

You feel embarrassed to wear certain clothing because of your cellulite in thigh, bum, and other areas


You feel tired from exercising as your body muscles are too underdeveloped

No Visible Changes

You feel discouraged that your healthy diet isn’t boosting your metabolism

How it works

Tell us your body goals

Book a session with us and talk to our body specialists about your body goals. From body sculpting to fat loss, we apply our expertise to help you achieve your body goals.

We design an anti-cellulite program for you

Our body specialists will take account of your current state and customise an individual holistic program to help you achieve your body goals in a realistic amount of time.

You start your journey

Your program will include consistent treatment sessions, healthy food suggestions, lifestyle advice, organic supplements and support for you to see visible results.

Achieve your body goals

With CelluFirm-K anti-cellulite treatment, you will begin to see your body shape come through and look slimmer overall as weeks pass, bringing you closer to your body goals.

100 Days Slim Fit Challenge

Watch how these women transform into a better and brighter version of themselves in just 100 days!


What will I feel during the treatment? Does it hurt during the CelluFirm-K body toning treatment session?

During the treatment, you will feel a light pressure as the machine is gently glided across your concerned areas. After the treatment, you may experience slight redness and a mild warm sensation, both of which are normal reactions to this treatment.

How does CelluFirm-K treat cellulite?

CelluFirm-K combines three effective technologies in combatting cellulite. Vaculift smoothens out cellulite through pairing a suction and massaging techniques. EMS FlexiFlow stimulates muscle growth for a metabolic boost and lastly, Heatpulse uses controlled heat to burn stubborn fat cells and stimulate collagen production.

Who will benefit from this treatment?

Cellufirm-K will be perfect for those looking to reduce both visible and hidden cellulite as well as body fat. Additionally, this treatment is perfect for those who want to tone up their body parts as well as those who want to maintain their current body shape.

What areas of the body can CelluFirm-K body toning treatment treat?

Cellufirm-K is ideal for those seeking targeted slimming particularly in areas like the thighs, hips, bum, stomach and back. This treatment offers a tailored approach to help you achieve your slimming goals.

What sort of machines do you use during treatment?

Cellufirm-K uses only 1 machine head which incorporates all 3 technologies - Vaculift, EMS FlexiFlow and Heatpulse.

Can I get treatment during my menses?

We do not recommend this treatment during your menses as the usage of machine may cause discomfort. It will be best to schedule your treatments once your menstruation has ended.