New 360 Curve+

A modern woman in search of body confidence requires modern solutions. Follow our Curvena babes and watch how the new 360 Curve+ Slim Fit Treatment weave itself seamlessly into their daily lives.


On their journey to achieve
a healthy work-life balance

I am an artist,
I want to shine during important events.

I’m Je Pong. 360 Curve+ Slim Fit helps me achieve my body goals even on a busy schedule.

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An artist who sings, dances and leads a team of people who are always with her on the go, Je Pong feels the pressure to be camera ready despite not having enough time in the day to continuously maintain her looks.

“I pick 360 Curve+ because it contours my body into my ideal figure while improving my skin elasticity. I have to feel confident to do my job.”

I can maintain my body without restricting my lifestyle.

I am a Content Creator,
I want to break beauty

This is Ash. 360 Curve+ Slim Fit helps boosts my confidence while detoxifying my body.

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A content creator who writes, films and is always on camera for the underdogs, Ash feels the pressure to conform to society’s beauty standards even though she is comfortable with herself and likes her uniqueness.

“I go for 360 Curve+ because it tightens and firm the skin while it reduces the appearance of cellulite.”

I can feel good with just improving and not changing.

I am a TV host and wellness coach,

I want to maintain my fitness.

My name is Nana. 360 Curve+ Slim Fit helps maintain my overall wellness while relaxing my mind.

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A TV host and wellness coach who helps guide people to achieve their fitness and wellness goals, Nana feels the pressure to maintain her fit image and continue her fitness journey without taking any breaks.

“I choose 360 Curve+ because it helps me target stubborn fat while giving me a well-deserved detox.”

I can be worry-free even on my rest days.


Retreat from the city

We invited our favourite babes to this all-inclusive retreat where they got to be first to try out our new 360 Curve+ Slim Fit Treatment!