Manage your weight

Photon Rays Capsule for Weight Loss & Stubborn Fats

Dissolve stubborn fats effectively with non-invasive, non-surgical treatment

Prevent Fat Re-accumulation

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Using a dual technology of Photon Lights and Infrared Rays that allows a 360° of light-wave heat energy to penetrate into the skin tissue, this fat dissolving treatment dissolves the stubborn fat lumps under your skin rapidly, preventing the re-accumulation of fats. It also rejuvenates the skin tissues using the 4 coloured photon rays.

Experience achieving your personal body goals and make it last. Not only does this fat dissolving treatment reduce your body’s fat percentage, it increases your self-esteem and motivates you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


• Burn 600-800 calories in 15 minutes
• Promote enzyme production
• Accelerate your metabolism

If you want

• To dissolve fat effectively
• To rejuvenate your skin
• To maintain your weight

Are you experiencing these body issues?

Stagnant Progress

You feel frustrated about the stubborn body fat that won’t go away

Difficulty Initiating Change

You feel embarrassed of the fatty areas on your body

Repetitive Workouts

You feel tired from doing the same targeted workouts

Unbalanced Lifestyle

You feel overwhelmed by the need to workout to shape up

How Photon Rays Capsule fat dissolving treatment works

Tell us your body goals

Book a treatment session with us and talk to our body specialists about your body goals. From improving metabolism to fat loss, we apply our expertise to help you achieve your body goals.

We design a body treatment program for you

Our body specialists will take account of your current state and customise an individual holistic program to help you achieve your body goals in a realistic amount of time.

You start your journey

Your treatment program will include consistent treatment sessions, healthy food suggestions, lifestyle advice, organic supplements and support for you to see visible results.

Achieve your body goals

With Photon Rays Capsule fat dissolving treatment, you will begin to see a slimmer silhouette and lower fat percentage as weeks pass, bringing you closer to your body goals.

The Photon Rays Capsule fat dissolving treatment Experience

We guarantee our fat dissolving treatments are safe, non-invasive, use no drugs, cause no side effects, have no downtime, and produces little to no pain. Our machines are certified and our body specialists are trained to handle the treatments with expertise. Tell us your goals, your body is safe with us.

You will lie down in our designated capsule, and the device will be turned on. A 360° dual light-wave heat energy will penetrate your body as the treatment goes on.

This treatment process rapidly dissolves stubborn fats and rejuvenates the skin tissue. In just 15 minutes, this fat dissolving treatment would have already burn 600 to 800 calories.

As your fat dissolving program goes along, you will see your body turn slimmer and more shapely. The entire session will last at most 30 minutes. It’s a quick and goal-driven process.

Be Your Own Success Story

Experience a long-lasting body bounce back and feel more confident, energised and more bold in the future.


What sort of machines do you use during body treatment?

We have a variety of machines, each is specific to treat different body concerns such as body fat, water retention, stretch marks and the need for reshaping. Rest assured that we will propose treatments customized according to your body analysis with our specialists.

Can I get a body treatment during my menses?

We don't recommend any body treatment at Curvena while you are on menstruation. The usage of our machines and steambath will cause discomfort as it promotes blood circulation. It's best therefore to schedule your body treatments once your menstruation has ended.

How long are the body slimming the treatments?

Our body treatments involve a full body analysis and consultation for first time customers which usually takes up to 30-45 minutes.After that, depending on the type of body treatment you are trying, it can take anywhere from 40-120 mins. The longer treatments include a full body scrub and a steambath.

Does Photon Rays Capsule fat dissolving treatment hurt?

Not at all. You will be comfortably lying down while the machine works its magic!