How 360 Curve+ helps Nana

How 360 Curve+ helps Nana

Having been on social media since 2016, Nana Al Haleq is a household name in the fitness industry. From humble beginnings to holding several more credentials to her name, like a wellness coach and TV host, Nana has no problem showing how fitness should be done!



Nonetheless, being in the public eye is a high-pressure gig. Since the start, her figure has been a testament to her career, so even now, Nana is determined to keep it up without breaks.



At Curvena, however, she can be worry-free. With the new 360 Curve+ Body Contouring Treatment, Nana can relax as the treatment targets her stubborn fat while giving her a full-body detox. Not only does this give her time to de-stress, but it also gives her body a well-deserved break.



Now, she can maintain her overall wellness, mind and body without worrying about losing her high-effort progress.



We got you, girl!

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