Here's Why You Need A Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Here's Why You Need A Lymphatic Drainage Massage
What is the lymphatic system?

So, our lymphatic system is actually part of the body’s immune system. It contains a network of organs and tissues that helps get rid of toxins, waste, bacteria and viruses in our body. Also, our lymphatic system transports our white blood cells in a fluid called the lymph to areas of our body that help tight infection. 

Hence, when there’s a blockage, infection or disease that we catch, it may obstruct our lymphatic system’s ability to transport the lymph. When that happens, the lymph fluid accumulates and causes swelling and puffiness. 

When there is a build-up of lymph fluid, our body is at a higher risk of catching an infection, skin damage and we tend to bruise easily. Technically, the lymphatic system is the first line of defense against diseases - Bet you didn’t think our lymphatic system was all that important, huh?

This is when it’s time to drain the lymph with a lymphatic drainage treatment!


What is a lymphatic drainage treatment all about?

A lymphatic drainage treatment is a form of massage that uses manual techniques to stimulate the flow of our lymph fluids through the tissue and lymph nodes.
This treatment should always be done by a professionally trained massage therapist. The therapist would employ a range of light movements without the use of a massage oil or lotion, in the direction of a certain pressure, direction, rhythm and sequence.

How is the lymphatic drainage treatment done?

There are two ways lymphatic drainage treatments are usually done:

Clearing - This process releases the lymphatic fluid in your tissues

Reabsorption - This process moves the lymphatic fluid to you lymph nodes


Why do you need lymphatic drainage treatment?
The lymphatic drainage massage was initially developed for people with lymphedema, which is a condition caused by a damage of blockage in the lymphatic system. Lymphedema occurs after someone contracts an infection or goes through a surgical procedure or physical trauma. 

Here are some added medical benefits:
  Reduces swelling 
  Relieves pain
On the other hand, lymphatic drainage massage treatments are also offered in spas and body contouring centers like Curvena! 

Here are its cosmetic benefits:
  Decreases puffiness
  Reduces bloating
  Enhances skin tone
  Improves circulation
  Aids in weight loss 


Is it safe?
Technically, lymphatic drainage treatments were designed to relieve lymphedema. However, while this non-invasive treatment is considered safe, there are some conditions and circumstances where the treatment is not recommended for those with:

  Congestive heart failure
  Skin infections
  Renal dysfunction
  Blood clot risks
  Varicose veins
  Hypersensitive skin

    It is advised that you talk to your healthcare provider if you’re concerned that your physical health may be affected by the lymphatic drainage treatment.

    What can you expect from a lymphatic drainage massage?
    A lymphatic drainage massage usually lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Although the name carries the term of a massage, it involves more stretching of the skin and lighter pressure compared to a traditional Swedish massage or even a deep tissue massage.

    Although it may be painful for some people, most massage therapists work with you to minimize your pain and discomfort. Different practitioners may be certified to perform the procedure, and they are:

      Physical therapists
      Occupational therapists
      Massage therapists

      Additionally, the benefits of the lymphatic drainage massage usually lasts for up to six hours. The regularity of getting the message depends on the purpose you’re getting it.

      What lymphatic drainage massage does Curvena offer?

      The Magneto Fork Lymphatic Drainage Massage

      What does it do?
      The magnetotherapy handle uses an ergonomic design to speed up essential absorption, promote blood circulation and improve physical discomfort. Also, the ball-point design of the fork reduces damage when it is glided across the skin. The friction between the magneto fork and the body helps get in contact with the red blood cells in the skin and dredges the channels.

      How does it help?
        Strengthens the lymphatic system
        Boosts the immune system
        Expands and eases clogged capillaries
        Breaks down stubborn fat tissue
        Reduces cellulite
        Drains excess water weight

        What are its steps?

        1. A blend of lemongrass oil, jojoba oil and ginger essential oil is applied on your body to stimulate and prep the skin before the lymphatic drainage massage. It is to detoxify the body and facilitate the elimination of toxins while it boosts digestion with anti-microbial properties.

        2 . Then, the Magneto Fork is used on your skin as a tool during the message. It drains and strengthens the lymphatic system while it reduces swelling of the area due to water weight. That therapeutic session will then aid in elevating and re-energizing your body.


        How long does it take?
        You have the option of choosing a 20-minute or 30-minute session per target area

        What are the target areas

        How to make an appointment?
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