Inside Scoop On The 360 Curve+ Body Contour

Inside Scoop On The 360 Curve+ Body Contour

Stubborn fat is the fat you find almost impossible to lose through exercise and diet, despite doing the right things. So what makes stubborn fat so stubborn? Research suggests that these areas of stubborn fat are scientifically more resistant to fat burning. This is due the fact that they function as stores of energy for the body and are conditioned to resist fat burning, which makes them the most challenging to get rid of. 

Everyone has stubborn fat, one way or another and how it appears on your body is all based on genetics. It also depends on how evenly distributed the fat is around your whole body. For instance, men are more likely to accumulate fat in the stomach because of higher testosterone circulation and women tend to accumulate more fat in the thighs and buttocks due to higher estrogen circulation.




What is the 360 Curve + all about?


The 360 Curve + Body Contour treatment is a combination of thermal energy, vacuum therapy and negative pressure gravitation that works to break your fatty acids down and flush them out through your lymphatic system - mainly targeting all your stubborn fat. 

The negative pressure gravitation in the vacuum therapy unblocks the lymphatic heat channels, accelerates your body’s metabolism, improves blood circulation, aids in toxin excretion, relieves pain and breaks stubborn fat down. 

The thermal energy in this technology, on the other hand, breaks down the binding of the tissue and muscles at your targeted area, which in turn results in the loosening of the fat cells that stimulates the production of collagen and accelerates fat burn. 


How is the treatment done?

A detox essential oil which is made of a blend of lemongrass oil, jojoba oil and ginger essential oil is applied onto the targeted area of the body. This detox oil has detoxifying and digestive properties that aids in the elimination of toxins while it boosts the digestive system. Not only that, it also helps reduce stretch marks and relieve dry and itchy skin. 

The 360 Curve+ technology is then used over your targeted area in suction strokes. This simultaneously uses the combination of thermal energy, vacuum therapy and negative pressure gravitation to increase your tissue metabolism, effectively eliminate fatty cells and break down stubborn fat cells to be excreted through your lymphatic system.



What areas can you treat?


Thighs - Gets rid of thigh fat, improves dark skin & tones flabby thighs
Buttocks - Firms, tones & lifts the buttocks up
Shoulders - Relaxes your shoulder muscles & relieves pain
Tummy - Gets rid of stubborn belly fat
Back - Relaxes back muscles & gets rid of fats
Arms - Tones flabby arms

Is it safe?


It’s a completely safe treatment. However, you may experience some side effects such as mild swelling, bruising and some redness, just the same as you would after a massage.

How long does it take?

The entire 360+ Body Contour Treatment takes about 30 minutes. However, when you do visit Curvena to try the treatment, we recommend you sparing us about an hour to complete the entire process from your consultation right till you leave the centre.