9 Reasons You Need To Try Cavitation

9 Reasons You Need To Try Cavitation

Ever been in a situation where you put in the hard work to exercise and diet, but you just can’t seem to see visible results in terms of shedding some pounds? It happens to the best of us sometimes. It’s especially challenging to get rid of stubborn problem areas like your love handles, back fat and cellulite

Thankfully, as the phrase goes, nothing lasts forever. You don’t have to be stuck with those problems for a long time. With technology, Curvena now has the Cavitation treatment that uses a high-frequency ultrasound and vibration that produces heat to move fat deposits and dissolves it, so it can then be excreted through the lymphatic system. 

Cavitation is versatile

Cavitation can be done on any part of your body that you’re carrying a little extra weight. The usually targeted areas are the thighs, belly, buttocks or back. At Curvena, we also help you target smaller areas like flabby arms or love handles.


Cavitation is non-invasive

Cavitation, unlike liposuction, doesn’t require going under the knife. That means, no blood, no anesthesia, no bandages, no stitches. The treatment relies on high-frequency sound waves that help burn and flush out fats while it tones the body.


Cavitation is natural

As cavitation uses low levels of ultrasonic waves, it works to break down your fat cells into liquid and leaves your surrounding tissues intact. When the fats have then liquefied, they’re then excreted through your body’s natural excretory process.


Cavitation is painless

Throughout the entire treatment process, during and after, you would and should not feel any sort of discomfort or pain. The most that you would feel is a warm, soothing sensation as the cavitation device is worked around your targeted area.


Cavitation is safe

Cavitation is in fact a form of ultrasound, and as we all know, ultrasound is widely used for many diagnostic procedures. There are technically no risks involved, especially when you compare it to other surgical procedures that require you to go under the knife.


Cavitation is fast

Each Cavitation session is only 30 minutes, which makes it an ideal lunchtime treatment with no downtime. The only thing you would need to do after the treatment is hydrate yourself with lots and lots of water.


Cavitation is immediate

More often than not, cavitation leaves you with quick, visible results. In some cases,  you can see a difference after your first treatment. However, most people see results in about two to three days. However, based on your body composition, you would require to go for a series of treatments to see and feel prominent results. 


Cavitation is easy

Other than increasing your water intake, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle, there’s nothing more you need to do to benefit from the Cavitation treatment. Just show up for your treatment at Curvena and let us do the rest!


Cavitation is effective

When all else fails, in terms of diet and exercise, Cavitation is the solution for you. It helps reshape your body, diminishes cellulite and makes you feel good in your skin. Pave the way to your confidence with this treatment.


Cavitation experts at Curvena
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