6 Surprising Reasons You're Not Gaining Muscle

6 Surprising Reasons You're Not Gaining Muscle

When you’re putting in the hours in the gym, you should at least be reaping the benefits out of it. But, if you’re not seeing gradual results in terms of toned abs or that coveted peach-shaped booty, you must be wondering, what in the world am I doing wrong?

Here are a couple of reasons why we believe your hours at the gym isn’t giving you the results you want:


You’re repeating the same moves!

Yes; squats, lunges, and bicep curls are amazing but it’s time to shake things up. There are two reasons why doing these exercises repeatedly won’t work. The first is that you need to give your muscles the time to recover and heal for them to build. When you repeat them too much, there’s no recovery time. Secondly, your muscles quickly adapt to exercise. So, the more you vary your exercises and movements, the more you keep your body guessing. Hence, your body takes the challenge to build muscles.


You’re sticking to the same weights!
If you’ve mastered lifting the heaviest weight yet, and you’re still stuck on the same weight, then it’s time you move up! It may sound weird but additional stress on your muscles isn’t always a bad thing when it comes to rebuilding and repairing. That’s what makes it stronger. 


You’re sticking to the same reps!
Increasing your load isn’t always beneficial. If you want to increase your strength, doing more reps can just be as effective. All you need to do is lift until your muscles are fatigued, and you’ll be rewarded with good results. The good part about structuring your exercises is that you’ll most likely be more consistent with your workout routine and that my friend is what’ll help you gain muscles. 


Your recovery between sets is too short!

Frequent multiple sets won’t help you gain muscle and frankly, there’s a reason why the biggest and bulkiest people in the gym hang out on one bench for some time. Your muscles tend to recover to 85 of their maximal capacity after just 15 seconds, which is great for building muscular endurance, but not for building mass. So, it’s best to wait at least two minutes between each set. 


You’re not lifting enough!
Your body indeed needs rest between your workout sessions but you can lift at least four times a week. Plus, it’s said that you should only be working one muscle group twice a week as it’ll be too intense and too much to break down to work a muscle group more than twice. 


You’re not varying your intensity!

According to research, eight weeks of high-intensity, low-rep resistance training works well in boosting strength and lean muscle mass gains better than moderate intensity, higher rep workouts. Multi-joint movements in high-intensity workouts have shown great signs in improving strength gains and higher-intensity movements have shown to work best in gaining more muscle fibers.



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