Things you didn't know about Curvena's EMSHAPE!

Things you didn't know about Curvena's EMSHAPE!

Curvena’s all-new EMShape is a non-invasive HIEMT device that uses HIFEM (High-intensity focused electromagnetic) technology to induce about 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in 30 minutes to give you the effects of crunches or squats that is impossible to achieve.


EMShape burns fats & builds muscles at the same time

Most body contouring treatments and therapies address one concern at a time. For instance, liposuction gets rid of fat but does not do a thing for your muscles. However, the EMShape is a one-of-a-kind treatment that targets both your fats and muscles. You won’t have to sign up for different kinds of treatments


Results start showing in 3-4 weeks

Studies have shown that visible and defined results start showing after 3 to 4 EMShape sessions.


EMShape is painless

Usually, you don’t feel a thing during the EMShape treatment except for a little vibration. All you have to do is sit back and relax while the device does all the work for you. You may feel slight muscle soreness as you would after doing vigorous exercise, but that’s about it. 


It just takes 30 minutes

It takes lesser time than your average gym session or exercise class. Our EMShape will help you get those defined abs or lifted buttocks that you’ve always wanted.


ZERO side effects

Other than feeling a little muscle soreness, there are no other side effects after the EMShape treatment. However, just like other non-invasive body contouring treatments, you may experience slight redness, swelling, bruising and numbness. 


It’s safe

The EMShape is a safe technology that will only leave you feeling a little muscle soreness as the magnetic stimulation of this technology is non-thermal and non-ionizing. Thus, making it safe and acting as an alternative to electric stimulation. 


No pre-treatment planning required

The EMShape is an easy and worry-free treatment that does not require you to get prepped, feel any kind of pain, or side effects or experience downtime. It’s a truly in-and-out treatment.


The first and only non-invasive butt lift

EMShape’s ability to thicken your gluteal muscles to achieve much firmer and toned buttocks. Technically, it’s the world’s first and only non-invasive butt lift treatment. 


EMShape gives you 20,000 crunches or squats

Not only does the EMShape stimulate muscle contractions that give you 20,000 squats or crunches, but it’s way more intense compared to what you can achieve through the most intense session of working out or exercising.


EMShape is now available at Curvena

With Curvena being your one-stop weight loss and body contouring centre, we now have the all-new EMShape Body Contouring treatment that will snatch your body into your ideal shape. So, get in your workout clothes and head to Curvena today!