When we say customised, we mean it. By combining multiple slimming
technologies plus guidance from our body experts and dieticians,
100 days went by smoothly with no problems!

The 100 Days Treatment Experience

When we say customised, we mean it. By combining multiple slimming technologies plus guidance from our body experts and dieticians, 100 days went by smoothly with no problems!

Lipo Laser

A non-invasive body contouring treatment that utilises laser diodes to eliminate excess fat cells by breaking them down into free fatty acids. This treatment enhances skin moisture levels and firms the targeted areas, giving you a refreshed appearance.

Photon Rays Capsule Treatment

A fat-reduction treatment using 360° light wave energy to dissolve stubborn fat. The 4-coloured photon rays activate synchronised light and electric currents to burn up to 800kcal while revitalising the skin and boosting your metabolism.

360 Curve+ Slim Fit Treatment

A cutting-edge treatment that synergises thermal energy and vacuum therapy to address and eliminate stubborn fat. This method loosens fat cells and breaks down the fat, facilitating smooth lymphatic drainage and providing you a more contoured look.

Well-balanced Diet Plan
Created by our dieticians
Monitored Body Composition
Thorough Inbody results
Professional Guidance
Led by our body experts

Your Ultimate Body Transformation Starts Now!

Meet Crystal

59kg 44kg
L size
S size
Total weight lost -15kg

Body Concerns:
- Flabby Arms
- Big Thighs

Stubborn postpartum weight gain

01 / 02

I am Crystal, a mother of three children. Since becoming a mother, my weight has been a constant struggle, especially after having my third child. The issue of postpartum obesity has been frustrating for me for many years. However, everything changed when I discovered Curvena and decided to participate in their "Curvena 100-Day Body Slimming Challenge".

Curvena provided me with a personalised slimming program tailored to my needs as a busy mom. […] As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, I witnessed remarkable changes in my body. The stubborn postpartum weight began to melt away, and I regained my confidence and self-esteem.

The Curvena 100-Day Challenge was not just about physical transformation— it was a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. I learned to prioritise my health and well-being while fulfilling my responsibilities as a mother and professional. Curvena not only transformed my body but also my mindset— teaching me the importance of self-care and self-acceptance.

Meet Rainy

55kg 43kg
XL size
M size
Total weight lost -12kg

Body Concerns:
- Weight gain
- Cellulite

Unhealthy work-life balance

01 / 02

Hi! I'm Rainy, who has been struggling with weight gain and cellulite due to years of sitting for long hours at the office. With a busy work schedule, it has been challenging for me to prioritise my health and monitor my diet effectively.

After participating in the 100-Day Challenge, the results were beyond my expectations. Through Curvena's innovative treatments and expert guidance, I witnessed a remarkable transformation in my body. The excess weight on my thighs melted away, and the stubborn cellulite that had bothered me for so long diminished.

Not only did Curvena help me achieve visible physical changes, but it also boosted my confidence and empowered me to be the best version of myself. I now have the knowledge and tools to maintain this newfound figure and live a healthier, more fulfilling life.

Meet Liza

69kg 55kg
L size
XS size
Total weight lost -14kg

Body Concerns:
- Cellulite
- Flabby Arms

Stubborn postpartum weight gain

01 / 02

Liza, a mother of two, struggled with postpartum weight gain and stubborn cellulite. Despite her efforts, she couldn't achieve her desired results. However, everything changed when she discovered Curvena's 100-Day Body Slimming Program. Motivated by the success stories and customised treatments, Liza embarks on her transformation journey.

Throughout the program, Liza received personalised guidance and underwent targeted slimming treatments. With dedication and positive lifestyle changes, she experienced remarkable results. Her weight significantly decreased, cellulite reduced, and she regained her confidence and energy.

Grateful for Curvena's support, Liza encourages others facing similar challenges to join the program and witness the transformative power of Curvena. Start your success story today and achieve your body-slimming goals with Curvena's expertise and guidance.

Meet Hannah

69kg 59kg
XL size
M size
Total weight lost -10kg

Body Concerns:
- Weight Gain
- Lower Body Fat

Indulges in food without moderation

01 / 02

Hannah is an individual who has chosen Curvena as her go-to solution for slimming. Her story resonates with many individuals who struggle with weight management due to their weakness in indulging in fast food, desserts and meals from local mamak stalls. Her sedentary lifestyle from long hours working in an office further adds to the challenge of losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

However, Hannah firmly believes that Curvena's slimming program is the key to her success. The program's innovative approach and the numerous success stories she has heard have convinced her that Curvena can help her achieve her desired weight loss goals.

Hannah's journey with Curvena showcases how she manages to transform her body and overcome her challenges, all while still enjoying her favourite foods and managing her busy work schedule. She aims to inspire and motivate others who may be facing similar struggles.

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