Are you finding it difficult to
lose stubborn fat in these areas?

No area is too stubborn for 360 Curve+ 

What is stubborn fat?

It’s fat that you find almost impossible to lose through diet and exercise because they are scientifically more resistant to fat burning. This is because they function as energy storage for the body which makes them the last to be burned. 

How can 360 Curve+ reduce stubborn fat?

360 Curve+ uses dual tech to eliminate fat and detoxify the body by targeting specific areas that hold on to stubborn fat.

Vacuum therapy

Loosens and breaks down stubborn fat tissues

Thermal energy

Burns down targeted fat tissues for easy drainage through the lymphatic system

Why Choose 360 Curve+

Long Lasting Results

You feel shame in not having the motivation to put in the physical effort


You feel shame in not having the motivation to put in the physical effort

No Downtime

You feel shame in not having the motivation to put in the physical effort


You feel shame in not having the motivation to put in the physical effort

Watch the inches fall off your waist as your clothes get looser and your body gets stronger and more energetic to accomplish your day-to-day tasks.

Seeing Is Believing

transformational stories

Real People, Real Concerns, Real Results 

    I’m slowly reducing my dependency on pads.

    I swear by the EMSECRET treatment! I’ve always had a weak bladder since I was young. Wearing pads all the time even when I’m not menstruating is just so embarrassing. Thankfully, with the EMSECRET, I’m slowly reducing my dependency on pads.

    I have better control of my bladder now

    After childbirth, I thought it was normal to have leaks every time I laugh or just at a random moment, till it started to impact my life. I was at a point in life where I was scared to leave the house. After just 2 sessions of EMSECRET, I’m so relieved that I have better control of my bladder now.

    My overall sex drive has increased!

    Sex was okay for me prior to EMSECRET, but based on a friend’s recommendation, I decided to try the treatment. I mean like, why not. And I kid you not, after one treatment, my orgasms were out of this world. Ever since, my overall sex drive has increased! So guess what? I signed on for more

    EMSECRET is a life-saver for me!

    For a 60-year-old woman who’s always been using pads, I can tell you that the EMSECRET is a life-saver for me! Not wearing pads anymore is the least of it. With this treatment, I now feel confident and empowered! I can dress the way I want, and go where I want, it’s just liberating!


What will I feel during the treatment?

You may feel warm from the thermal energy generated by the machine and may experience temporary mild swelling, redness or bruises due to the machine suction and lymphatic drainage massage done during the treatment. The therapist will adjust the pressure to your comfort and liking.

Can 360 Curve+ treat cellulite?

Yes, this treatment burns stubborn fats, re-shapes and contours targeted body areas and stimulates the production of collagen to tighten the skin, enhance skin elasticity and ultimately, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Who will benefit from this treatment?

Curve 360+ is suitable for you if you experience the following:
Postpartum - to treat cellulite, loose skin and stubborn fats after pregnancy
Menopause - you experience hormonal changes, body aches and lifestyle changes due to age
Slower metabolism - aging slows down fat burn and digestion, and the body tends to store stubborn fats
Body shape imbalance - 360 Curve+ offers targeted fat loss and sculpting to achieve curves
Water retention - cannot be reduced through exercise alone, you will need lymphatic massages
Genetics - difficult to lose fats even through diet and exercise

How long is the treatment?

Our treatments involve a full body analysis and consultation for first time customers which usually takes up to 30-45 minutes. After that, each session would take about 30 minutes. 

Why should you try slimming instead of dieting alone? 

With 360 Curve+  you can maintain your curves in all the right places!