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CelluFirm-K Cellulite & Toning Treatment — New Trial

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*The First Trial Promo is valid for first-time Curvena customers only, and each customer is entitled to only ONE (1) First Trial Promo across all treatments.

A treatment that uses the latest in South Korean anti-cellulite tech to reduce cellulite appearances and amplify muscle development.

*Customers are only allowed to purchase one (1) first trial treatment. 

CelluFirm-K Cellulite & Toning Treatment — New Trial


Reduce your body fat percentage

This treatment combines 3 technologies to produce an all-in-one solution to tone up your body from the inside out.

How it Works

EMS FlexiFlow

Stimulates muscle contractions to boost your metabolism and daily caloric burn.


Controlled heat is applied to the skin to break down stubborn fat.


A combination of suction and massaging techniques to smooth out cellulite appearance.


Reduces cellulite

Improves skin texture

Tones up muscles

Stimulates collagen production

Boosts metabolic rate

Encourages daily caloric burn

Increases blood flow