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EMSHAPE Body Sculpting Treatment - First Trial

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 *The First Trial Promo is valid for first-time Curvena customers only, and each customer is entitled to only ONE (1) First Trial Promo across all treatments.

A treatment that uses electromagnetic stimulation around targeted areas to build muscles for a sculpted appearance and for long-term fat burn.


*Customers are only allowed to purchase one (1) first trial treatment. 

EMSHAPE Body Sculpting Treatment - First Trial


Build Muscles Alternatively

This treatment uses a High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field (HIFEM) muscle trainer, to trigger supra-maximal muscle contractions that enlarges the muscle and increases the production of new protein chains and muscle fibres.

How it Works


The device will be strapped over your targeted area

Electromagnetic stimulation

You will experience contractions that helps with muscle development

30 minute session

The entire session lasts 30 minutes. It’s safe, non-invasive and causes little to no pain.

Customised program

After your first trial, you’ll be introduced to a program to better develop your muscles


· Target specific body sculpting
· Reduce body fat percentage
· Increase your body’s metabolism
· Stimulate muscle production

Are you experiencing these issues?

Too Busy with Work

You feel overwhelmed creating a lifestyle that involves work and going to the gym

Constant Weight Gain

You feel frustrated with weight gain, poor body wellness and an unbalanced lifestyle

Finding it Hard to Start

You feel shame in not having the motivation to put in the physical effort

Hate Working Out

You feel torn from wanting to use your extra time to relax rather than working out

Let Down by Expectations

You feel disappointed from not seeing visible results after putting in the effort

Be Your Own Success Story

Achieve the body you’ve always wanted and feel more confident, energised and more productive in the long-run.